Need an Alarm?


An electronic alarm system can provide an additional measure of security. While an alarm may not physically stop intruders, it does have some psychological effect to deter them. If you have an alarm it is one security measure that it is wise to advertise.


Rick's Locksmithing does offer alarm services as part of our business, however, we only recommend them after you have taken all the steps to ensure that you have good physical security. Just remember, an alarm only lets you know that someone is trying to get in or has already gotten in. Good locks prevent the entry.


There are many types of alarm systems available and we recommend that you have at least two detection methods utilized in any alarm system you purchase and have the two methods working in tandem. This approach will greatly reduce the incidence of false alarms you may experience.


Ultrasonic detection systems can detect motion and are a good method of noticing someone moving around when no one should be present. The potential for a false alarm is usually related to having the unit sensitivity set to an extreme level, or the presence of small animals which can trip the alarm or sometimes heating and air conditioning systems which can move curtains etc. and cause a false alarm.


Infrared detection systems are primarily heat detection systems and can be adjusted to eliminate an alarm condition which can be caused by small animals. A sudden blast of warm air from a heating system can activate an alarm if the sensitivity is set too high. When used in conjunction with an ultrasonic system, virtually all false alarms can be eliminated.


There are detection systems for sound, vibration, moisture, heat, motion and simple circuit integrity validation systems. Alarms can be established to sound a local alarm on-site, phone a report to a central station or in some cases a police station. They can be configured to use your normal voice telephone line, a dedicated telephone line or can use radio frequency transmission to make their report. They can be configured to turn on lights and even connected to voice warning devices. If you invest in an alarm, use it regularly and it should serve you well.


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