Travel Security


For Optimum Security

Before leaving

-Stop all deliveries for mail, newspaper,arrange handbill pickup.
-Let neighbor and police know when you are leaving and returning.
-Leave shades and blinds in normal positions.
-Arrange for lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc.
-Set up timers for lights in house.
-Have first aid kit, flashlight and flares in car.
-Make a list to take along of phone numbers of neighbors, friends.
-Lock all doors and windows, turn off stove, coffee pot.
-Record serial numbers, descriptions of valuables going on trip.
On the road
-Never leave valuables unattended in vehicle or hotel room.
-Don't accept a room next to a stairwell in a hotel.
-Use travelers checks and credit cards when possible.
-Ask for carbon copies from charge slips.
-List phone numbers for credit card and card numbers in separate place from cards.
-Lock car doors at all times, even while moving.
-Witness any repair work on your vehicle.
-Don't give personal information to strangers.
-Don't give your house keys to parking attendants.
-Don't leave children unattended.
Upon returning
-Check doors and windows before entering.
-If any are open, DON'T ENTER, CALL THE POLICE.
-Start deliveries again, let neighbors know you have returned.


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